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Peter Alexan founded RA Consulting in 1997 in Orange County, California. He saw a need to provide a simplified way for conventions and trade shows to work with one security company, no matter where their show would take them and no matter how large or diverse their show became. He has built a team of specialized security managers that develop and implement complete security programs for conventions and trade shows nationwide. Collectively, the management team has over 100 years of experience in the event security

RA Consulting’s Mission Statement is to become the leader in professional security and staffing management, setting new standards in the convention and trade show industry.
RA Consulting
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Management Profile

Peter Alexan - peter@raconsulting.us

Sam Ridley  - sam@raconsulting.us
Blair Riedy  - blair@raconsulting.us

Bev Oren - bev@raconsulting.us